‘Undone’ Hair In 2018

‘Undone’ Hair In 2018

Effortlessly cool, air-dried hair was all over the runways last year, which means there is only one thing we know for sure: that 2018 is the year for ‘undone’ hair!

I love the term ‘undone’. It makes me think of long, tousled, half-dried curls, tumbling down over one shoulder, paired with ripped jeans, red lipstick, and a ton of attitude. That ‘I just woke up and ran my fingers through my hair and this is what it looks like’ kind of look.

If this appeals to your inner 80’s child, then let’s get started on some ways you can get this year’s version of the unfettered, free-spirited look.

Start with great hair:

To begin with, get a great haircut, and do what you can to keep your hair in top condition. For beautifully unruly tresses, it’s always best to work with the natural texture and movement of your hair. Invest in a good a haircut that suits you, and use quality products so you always have shiny, healthy hair.

Use extensions:

Use your favourite Medusa Hair Extensions, as these will add effortless volume and length, giving you that desirable body to your hair without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Enhance the curls you already have:

If you are blessed with already naturally curly hair, and we’re thinking of Solange Knowles’ unapologetic voluminous spirals, experiment with styling products like mousse, hairspray, or dry shampoo, to see what new, big and bouncy heights you can take your mane to.

Accessorise a relaxed ponytail:

A loose, floppy, slightly dishevelled low pony, or a low textured braid, with an imperfect part, adorned with ribbons at the back and pieces falling about your face in front, says ‘chic’ and ‘laid-back’.

Update the wet look:

The wet look is still around, but less sleek and pulled back, and more about loose, lived-in curls, or waves slick with pomade rather than gel.

Go for mermaid waves:

For textured, surfer-girl inspired tresses, piecey, beachy waves can be achieved by working mousse generously into rough dried strands.