Updated Top Knot Style For 2020 With Hair Extensions

Updated Top Knot Style For 2020 With Hair Extensions

Hello, 2020! Time to turn those resolutions into reality (and make sure you actually stick to them this year!). It’s also time for quality catchups, casual lunches and drinks with your friends and loved ones. And of course, you’ll want to look and feel fantastic while this is all going down. To bring your best, you’ll need a great pair of heels, a killer dress, and of course you’ll want your mane to look nothing less than stunning.  

We can help you out with that part! 

Updated Half-Up Messy Top Knot

Welcome January with a bang by rocking this super cute version of a half-up messy top bun. It’s on-trend, nouveau bohemian, and lots of fun, as well as being incredibly easy and quick to create so you can have more time relaxing and enjoying the festivities of your choosing. It’s also super easy to tweak to look slightly different for each occasion. 


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How To Create The Style

When your hair is 50% dry, give it a spray with a wave spray then let it dry naturally. If you don’t already have weft or tape-in extensions in your hair, start by putting in your clip-ins. Next, create a centre part then section off the top of the head from the outer edges of your eyebrows to the crown of your head creating two sections. Backcomb, then twist the two sections together into a big loose bun. Secure with a clear hair elastic.

Pull the bun out to loosen it and let a few strands flow freely.

Using your curling tongs, grab small sections of the rest of your hair and curl carefully in alternating directions, leaving about a five cm gap at the end for a more natural finish, to create a tousled look when you’ve completed your whole head of hair.  

Another Option

To change up your new favourite style, try braiding a small section on each side of your part then follow instructions as above to finish off your top knot style. Perfect for a summer festival outing.

Boom! There it is, your summer go-to hairstyle for parties, festivals or lunch with gran and the fam.

Love, Medusa xox