Valentines Day Hair And Makeup

Valentines Day Hair And Makeup

If you’re wanting to make a big impression this Valentine’s Day but are struggling with hair and makeup ideas, we get it, we’ve been there, and we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips for helping you to look extra sultry and glamorous for your loved one on this special day of the year.

Eyes and lips (pick ONE!)

For sultry, smoky eyes: apply a dark shade of eyeshadow to your entire lid. Blend colour upward to the crease. Add a lighter shade of shadow under the eyebrow until it meets the darker shade. Blend the two shades together. Line the inside of the bottom rim of eyes with a pencil, and lightly smudge. Line the top eyelids with a black pencil. Finish with mascara.

For blood-red lips: moisten lips with balm, then blot excess product off with a tissue. Line your lips to stop the colour bleeding. Apply lipstick carefully and evenly. For extra control, use a lip brush, or smooth it on in the centre of your lips and distribute to the edges using your pinky finger. Either dab again with a tissue for a matte finish or sweep on some gloss. Apply concealer around your mouth to prevent the colour from smearing, and to make your lips pop! Va-va-voom!


For a sexy, mussed look: try a messy, voluminous fishtail side-braid. Hair extensions are essential to pulling this look off properly (unless you have naturally long and thick hair already). Once you have woven the braid, widen and rough it up by pulling at the sides with your fingers.

For a sleek and elegant look: do a simple straight ponytail with a hair wrap. Wear it low and with serum for extra shine and glamour.

For the old-fashioned romantic: wear a braided headband with wavy long hair. Take a section of hair from just above the ear and plait it all the way to the end. Wrap it over your face then bobby-pin it down. Curl the rest of your hair into gentle waves.