Wedding Hair Extension Guide

Wedding Hair Extension Guide

You probably see hair extensions all the time without even realising it because when they are done well, they look flawless. Models, celebrities and stylists love them because they are a quick and easy solution for adding volume and length. The aim is always to enhance your natural assets, not overwhelm them which is also the goal on your wedding day. 

It makes sense that if hair extensions are great for red carpet events, photo-shoots and special occasions, they must also be perfect for a wedding. While this is true, you do need to consider whether it is the right solution for you on such a big day?

We concede that hair extensions have had a bad reputation in the past so a little hesitation about turning to them for your wedding is understandable. But for brides particularly, hair extensions have undergone a huge transformation. The technology is constantly evolving which means the quality of good hair extensions like Medusa can now be on par with your own healthy hair.  

Nowadays, many salons have an experienced hairdresser on staff who also specialises in hair extensions. But there are also many inexperienced non-hairdressers and hairdressers offering hair extensions, so before you jump in, here are some things you need to know:

Medusa Clip In Hair Extensions | Sandy Blonde 10/60P#

The Biggest Mistakes Brides Make And How To Avoid Them.

Get It And Wrong And You Could End Up With:

  • Hair extensions that don’t look real and it’s obvious that you have them in. Choosing the wrong hair or hair that has been badly colour matched and too little or too much hair will all make your extensions look noticeable. This is definitely not what you are aiming for!
  • Badly applied hair resulting in visible clips, tapes or rings.
  • Damaged hair with breakage at the roots leading to hair loss that can take years to recover from.
  • Badly applied tape-in extensions can lead to breakage, messy hair, thinning and balding spots.
  • Photos that remind you of your hair disaster every time you look at them. We want you to have great memories, not to always be reminded of your mistake.
  • Hair extensions that aren’t good quality. Do your homework and understand that you are getting what you pay for.

Get It Right By Following These Tips:

  • Make sure you select a salon with qualified, experienced hairdressers. A professional hairdresser will understand your natural hair and its requirements.
  • Make sure your salon specialises in hair extensions. A technician that regularly applies extensions will guarantee a superior outcome to one who is only called upon every month or two.
  • Placement of hair extensions is important. For example, if you are going for an up-style for your wedding day, you need to make sure that your extensions are placed far away from your hairline so that they don’t show.
  • Don’t risk anything. Make an appointment with a professional and create a hair plan including customisation – length, weight, colour matching, Made to Order and custom fitting. This applies to both the quality of hair extensions and the skill of your hairdresser.
Medusa Tape In Hair Extensions

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Hair Extensions For Your Wedding?

Get the best results – ask any professional and they will tell you that it is much easier to create that perfect style by adding hair extensions.

Length – a long fairytale hairstyle with extra volume will enhance a veil or crown.

Healthy hair with no damage – tape in or clip in extensions when applied correctly will do no damage to your hair. You can also choose to colour them without risking the health of your own natural hair.

Choose any hairstyle you dream of – thin hair, no texture or won’t hold a bun. Hair extensions are your friend!

Temporary – no commitment required.

Remy hair – curl, straighten and style just as you would your 0wn hair.

No surprises on the day – you will have plenty of time to cut, colour and trial run to get everything just right before the big day.

Wedding Hairstyle Inspiration Featuring Medusa Hair Extensions

Hair by Luciana Rose for Spell Bride 2018
Hair by Luciana Rose for Spell Bride 2018
Medusa Hair Extensions | Platinum Blonde 60#
Low Bun
Medusa Hair Extensions | Sandy Blonde 10/60P#
Medusa Tape In Hair Extensions | Platinum Blonde 60#
Medusa Clip In Hair Extensions | Sandy Blonde Mix 10/60P
Medusa Hair Extensions | Darkest Brown 1B#
Medusa Hair Extensions
Medusa 16" Clip Ins, cut and styled for extra volume
Bride with a flower crown standing beside her husband
Medusa 20" Tape In Hair Extensions

Cover Image – Spell

Spell Bride ’18 ~ shop now
Muse Isabell Andreeva
Photography Carly Brown
Hair and Makeup Luciana Rose
Styling Isabella Pennefather
Set Styling Lisa Danielle Smith
Production Mel Carrero
Styling Assistant Anna Priestley