When To Cut Your Hair, How Do You Know?

When To Cut Your Hair, How Do You Know?

Have you heard that you’re supposed to cut your hair every six to eight weeks?  

For a long time, I believed that was all I needed to do; count the weeks ahead in my diary, make a booking well ahead of time, and that was that, done and done 

It turns out, there are actually other, better ways to work out when to cut your hair, much more beneficial than sticking strictly to a calendar date. For one thing, you might be able to leave it longer between visits to the salon which will save yourself time and money. Or you might need to get your hair cut sooner than you thought. If you do, you’ll be amazed at how much better your hair will look as a result 

Look out for the following signs to help you know when it’s time to take a pair of scissors to freshen up your ‘do: 

You Have Split Ends 

If your ends are already starting to split, even a little, it’s time to book yourself in. The longer you leave it, the further the split will travel up the hair shaft, causing more damage and resulting in even more hair needing to be cut away. You’ll be able to tell because the ends will be literally split into two or more strands, and you’ll see little white bulbs at the tips.  

You Try To Colour Your Hair And The Dye Won’t Work Properly 

If you get your hair coloured and it doesn’t turn out the way you want, or it does at first but then quickly fades, this is a sign of damage due to excessive bleachingLayers of bleach upon bleach are the best way to ruin your hair, so be mindful when you’re getting that balayage painted on that you’ve got an excellent colourist who knows how to give you great highlights without sacrificing the health of your locks.