Which Method Of Hair Extension Is Best For You?

Which Method Of Hair Extension Is Best For You?

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to instantly transform short, thin hair into long, gorgeous luscious locks! Here at Medusa, we have so many options to choose from. The only problem is which of all these wonderful choices is the best choice for you?


Well, firstly, it depends on your hair type. If, for example, you have soft, fine hair and your hair extensions are too heavy, they could drag down heavily on your scalp and pull your natural hair out by the roots. Ouch! If you have thin, fragile hair, we recommend you try our tape in hair extensions in Euro Pro Remy as the most suitable option available.


Secondly, consider lifestyle factors, things such as whether you’re in the water a lot or you perspire often. Beach babes, swimmers, and gym bunnies might find it beneficial to stay away from any kind of method that involves adhesives. These could wear away more quickly.


Before you commit to one method of hair extension application, consider how much time, money and effort you’re prepared to put in maintaining your hair extensions. If you do have the time and you’re willing to make the financial investment necessary to maintain your beautiful long locks, then it won’t matter too much which kind you go for.

If you’re keeping an eye on your purse strings, note that some methods can involve more trips to the hair salon, for example, than others, such as clip ins, which you can easily apply yourself at home. Clip ins, however, take time every morning and night to apply and remove, so if you’ve more money than time, then something like our tape in hair extensions might be better suited to your needs.


You can always talk to us here at Medusa if you have any questions. We also recommend having a really good hairdresser that’s got your back for all your hair and extension application and maintenance needs.