Which Type Of Hair Extensions Are Right For You

Which Type Of Hair Extensions Are Right For You

Hair extensions are the easiest way to get beautifully long, voluminous locks in an instant. The only problem? With so many wonderful options to choose from, trying to decide which out of our extensive range of quality human hair extensions is the best fit for you! It’s enough to make any girl’s head spin!

Let’s go through the different types of hair extensions that Medusa offers to see which one is right for you…

Firstly, if you’ve been wondering what the heck the actual difference from one type of hair extension to another, it’s simply the method of application. All of our hair extensions are made from the finest quality sourced protein-rich human hair and are all designed to blend in perfectly with your natural locks.

Clip Ins

As the name suggests, you clip them in when you want, and take them out when you’re done, such as, for example, when you’re asleep. They’re good to use if it’s your first time trying out hair extensions and you’d like to start experimenting with wearing them slowly, as with clip ins you don’t have to commit to having them on your head full time. A full head set includes seven pieces, or try out a smaller set such as our ‘volume enhance’ 9-piece set or ‘a little body’ with 3 pieces. If you do end up finding yourself putting them in almost every day, it’s a good idea to try something more permanent.


Tape hair extensions are one of the most popular current methods, and one of our biggest sellers. They are suitable for all hair types, and the best kind for fine-haired gals as they are so lightweight. They are a great idea if you wish for them to stay on your head permanently (as opposed to clip ins). They are gentle enough taped to your roots so they won’t at all ruin your hair, can last for two or more months, and look amazing! The best part? The hair can be re-used!

Microring: Easy Loop and I-Tip Stick

Easy Loop

Easy loop hair extensions are easy to apply and remove, requiring no glue or heat, and no threading needles. They can be washed, heat styled and coloured. Your hair is sectioned and you thread a few strands through the threading loop. Gently pull the loop downwards, threading your hair through the microring, then simply clamp the microring in place with extension plier. It’s so easy to do you can do it yourself!

I-Tip Stick

Like with easy loop extensions, no heat is required to attach i-tip stick hair extensions. You just need silicone lined microrings, your loop threading tool, and extension pliers. These extensions are very strong and can be re-used, washed and coloured.

Hair Wefts

The Hair Weft is one of the oldest methods around, and the reason it’s around today is that it’s still an excellent way to apply extensions. Apply hair wefts by sewing into small cornrows, or by attaching with silicone lined microrings for the beaded weft method. Sew in a couple of rows, or do your whole head. They’ll need adjusting after 4-6 weeks.

Now we’ve covered the basics, you should at least feel a little more informed about our comprehensive range of hair extensions, and better able to decide which is the best option for you. Make sure you browse our website for even more details about each individual kind of extension and its application method and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Lastly, consider whether you’ll want your hair extensions in full time, or whether you’re willing to book a stylist to attach them for you, and if this is the case make sure you do your research and find one well qualified. Hair extensions get a bad rap sometimes due to poor application, but if properly applied, you’ll enjoy endless days of effortlessly long, luscious locks!