Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Summer is still on hiatus for the next couple of months, but there’s lots to love about winter if we pay attention. Cosying up in front of a fire with hot chocolate, playing in the snow, and experimenting with cool winter fashion are all pretty fun things to do. Still, the icy outside temperatures, indoor heating, and the layering on of clothing can all wreak havoc with your hair if the proper precautions haven’t been taken.

Here we’ve listed two of the mane irritations that arrive with the frost, and the easy solutions that will allow you to get out and about without a care in the world (well, about your ‘do anyway) …

Irritation: Hat hair

Top tip #1: Wrap your hair in a silk scarf before pulling on your warm woolly beanie. This will protect your hair from rubbing against the fabric and getting messed up, and also cut down on the amount of static and frizz that’s generated.

Top tip #2: Tie your hair up and away in a high ponytail before putting on a beanie/hat/snowboard helmet. Styling your hair in the opposite direction will help it bounce back the way you want it to after removing your headwear.

Top tip #3: Carry a travel-sized dry-hair texturiser spray with you. Spray on and ruffle hair for instant reversal of flat hat hair.

Irritation: Static, flyaway hair

Top tip #1: Use a fabric softening dryer sheet (like Bounce). Rub it on your hair like you would on your clothes to remove static instantly.

Top tip #2: Use a vented, natural boar bristle hairbrush on your tresses to brush with. Brush from the root all the way to the tip to distribute the natural oils through your hair. Twist any strands with your fingers that still seem to contain static and spray with some light conditioning spray.

Top tip #3: Wash hair with lukewarm water as opposed to hot, which will strip your hair of much needed natural oils and sebum. Apply a leave in conditioner to lock in extra moisture.

There was far too much information to include it all in one teeny post, so keep checking in with us for more chilled tips on the topic of winter hair care to come.

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash