Your Top 5 Most Popular Hair Extension Colours

Your Top 5 Most Popular Hair Extension Colours

Who could blame a girl for being confused when it comes to choosing the right colour to match your own hair? With so many colour options available, the variation in natural (and dyed) hair colour is as broad as Australia is wide. But don’t worry, with a little research, we have managed to compile a list of your top 5 most popular hair extension colours for the last year, as voted by you. Here are the winners –

1. Sandy Blonde Mix – 10/60P#

This blend of Platinum and Light Ash Brown (or 10/60P# as you will most often see it referred to on our Instagram feed) is incredibly versatile making it the number one choice for professional stylists to add to their kit.  Sandy Blonde Mix blends well with most blonde or light brown hair but bear in mind that the colour depth of the end result is will vary depending on the natural hair colour it is blended with.

2. Chocolate Brown 2#

Deliciously rich chocolate brown. Who doesn’t love chocolate of any kind, hair or otherwise? Browns are sitting at #2 and #3 on our most popular colour list and we couldn’t agree more especially because we feel browns are well suited to a variety of skin tones. In 2019  we are expecting to see the ongoing obsession with ombre and balayage fade out a little (pardon the pun} as you begin to opt more for ‘all over’ colours.

3. Darkest Brown 1b#

4. Natural Blonde 24#

Neutral colours create a blend of warm and cool shades. This natural blonde colour mimics the model’s natural tones as if she hadn’t dyed her hair at all.

5. Blend 24/10P#

If none of these popular colours and blends will work for you, it’s actually a breeze to get the right match for your hair with our extensive colour range. We carry stock of the most popular colours in many products. You can also custom make any product in any of our colours or combination of colours shown here.

If you’re having difficulty deciding, you can order our colour ring to match your hair. Otherwise, send us some photos of your hair in natural light using our colour match service and our expert team will assist you.