What products should I use on my new extensions?

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Using the correct products on your new human hair extensions is important and greatly affects how long they last. Hair extensions have usually been quite treated chemically and do require a little more loving. We use Indian remy hair for all of our extensions. The hair is all dark brown to begin with and is bleached back and then redyed in most cases, particularly for the lighter colours. Because of the bleaching process it is important to use products suited to extensions that are not too stripping of moisture. Supermarket products are unfortunately not up to scratch as most shampoos contain sodium laureth sulphate, a common foaming agent. This may feel great for natural fine slightly oily hair as it leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean but not good for extensions.
Medusa stocks  X-Ten products featuring shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

X-Ten Hair Extension Care offers a complete care range of products for all hair extensions. Designed by hair extension experts in conjunction with Artav Laboratories, XTEN volumises and moisturises the natural ‘host’ hair without weight or build-up.

All X-Ten Products are:

  • Deep moisturising, extending the life of all hair extensions.
  • SLS, Paraben and mineral oil free.
  • Suitable for all types of synthetic and human hair extensions.
  • Extra gentle for use on keratin bonds, clip on, beads and tape joins.
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